Create your own free-roaming multiplayer VR arcade and drive customers to your place


Thanks to the new standalone VR headsets, it’s now possible that you can create your own free roaming VR arcade and start driving customers eager to experience these amazing new experiences to your place.

We are offer you exclusive multiplayer VR content, fully tested with hundreds of sessions, that you will be able to offer in the best way it fits your business model.

Choose what experiences' pack you want to offer to your customers and start your VR adventure.


There is no better way to discover a new world than taking it easy.

With the experiences in this pack you will introduce your customers to VR in a relaxed way.

Cars Experience: If your customers like cars they will love to see multiple types of cars and other surprising vehicles.

Houses Experience: Let your customers explore really amazing houses and mansions.

Tropical Island: Does your customer miss the beach? Let them explore this paradise island.


There is no better way to enjoy and experience with the people you love. These collection of experiences are prepared so your customer can share a unique unforgettable experience with their kids.

Piñata Party: Kids love to hit the Piñata and this Piñata doesn’t disappoint and will provide a lot of delightful surprises and gifts for them.

Solar System: What about you travel to the space? Visit with your kids all the planets of the solar system and defend the system from a cute alien invasion.

Escape Room: Time to collaborate to succeed! Work together to overcome the challenges of each room.


Ok, here is the real deal. If your customers want some good action they are going to get what they are looking for. Let them choose their own favourite enemy: zombies, skeletons and aliens and let them loose.

Zombies: Nothing beats a good old fashion classic. Shotguns&Zombies!!!

Skeletons: Now we go to medieval times where infernal creatures will rise from hell.

Aliens: They say that in space nobody can hear you scream. Let your players test this fact.


Finally it’s time to allow your customers to know if they have what it takes to test their limits. 2 terror experiences and a experience about testing your fear of the heights are waiting the most brave of your customers.

Subway To Hell: The experience is simple, they have to take the subway to go to the next station. What could possible go wrong in the way there?

Lighthouse: Ok, nothing really designed to be scary here, but the anxiety level of some the players who have tested is over the roof.

Terror Lighthouse: The same experience as before but in a darkest stormy night where a scary ghost is lurking in the darkness.


If you want to go further with the custom tailored exclusive content you can request us what kind of experience would you like to offer to your customers. The Wild West? A Survivors experience? A Science experience? A Showroom?

Feel free to contact with us in to ask about that custom experience you want.

Feel free to contact with us and ask about how we can provide you with our content so you can start driving more customers to you.


Our Exclusive Multiplayer VR Games and Experiences ready to Plug&Play at your place.

We have already entered in a new age where the customers are always eager to discover new exciting experiences.

Being aware of that we are ready to deliver these experiences to any kind of business who works in the area.

So if you are a provider of experiences and you want to increase your current offer of existing experiences feel free to contact with us.

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